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Black Diamond was head of the Diamonds, she was a kind and proud leader until the war came, a big war hit and black Diamond was forced to she did, she fought proud and they won until see met white Diamond, they fought hard until she had no choice but to use a corrupted gem..She turned in to a corrupted Diamond and won the war..Everyone feared her and she liked that, gem was of serves to was a White Jasper , she worked hard and stayed by her side until while Diamond came back and tries to get the throne... Black wouldn't let that happen so she and white jasper Formed a corrupted Gem and fought as one... they were beaten and sent to earth to die, White Diamond started a new line of Diamonds and with out knowing... White had made a terrible mistake...where ever black and jasper when, the more corrupted gem grew... they had heard about what pink had down and they when to find her and kill her..Ever since then black and jasper swore that they would kill the Diamonds and take back what was really threirs

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